Pak in denial mode following ISI-Afghan Taliban nexus proof in leaked US military data

     Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Husain Haqqani, has called the leak of classified US military documents on the Afghan war as irresponsible, and insisted that his nation was fully committed to fighting terror groups. Whistle-blower organization WikiLeaks has released over 90,000 documents called the ‘Afghan War Diaries, 2004-2010’, which prove fears that Pakistan is aiding the Taliban to organize networks of militant groups that fight against American soldiers in Afghanistan . “The documents circulated by Wikileaks do not reflect the current on ground realities,” The Telegraph quoted Haqqani, as saying in a statement. “These reports reflect nothing more than single-source comments and rumours, which abound on both sides of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border and are often proved wrong after deeper examination,” he added. He further claimed that over the years Pakistan has deepened its bilateral partnership with the U.S. , and joint counter-terrorism operations have led to significant blows against ‘violent extremist groups’. “The United States , Afghanistan and Pakistan are strategic partners and are jointly endeavouring to defeat Al-Qaeda and its Taliban allies militarily and politically,” he added. Haqqani also highlighted that the Pakistan government “is following a clearly laid-out strategy of fighting and marginalising terrorists, and our military and intelligence services are effectively executing that policy”.

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