Hockey India asks Delhi police to probe sexual harassment charges against coach

     Hockey India on Saturday said that it has found the letter submitted by a member of the Indian women's hockey team accusing coach MK Kaushik of sexually harassing her, as 'credible' and asked Delhi Police to probe the charges. Addressing to reporters, Narendra Batra, General Secretary of Hockey India said the letter was credible as it detailed specific instances and occasions. Batra also said the letter had been forwarded to the Sports Ministry as Kaushik and Basavraj had been employed by the Sports Authority of India. “The HI has now asked the Delhi police to probe charges of sexual harassment. The case needs action under provisions of the Indian Penal Code,” he said. The sport's governing body has decided not to avail of Kaushik's service again as well as that of Basavaraj who was caught dancing around with prostitutes in China . Kaushik, who resigned from the post of coach after the matter came to light, stated the allegations were baseless and he was a victim of "big-time conspiracy. Chairman of the inquiry panel, Rajiv Mehta said the committee received testimonies from both the parties - coach M K Kaushik and complainant Ranjita Devi - and no other evidences were required for the probe. "We have had lots of testimonies from both the parties as well some other players and manager of the team Madhu Yadav and we don't need to talk to any individual further. We have given our report," Mehta stated. The panel, comprising Rajiv Mehta (chairman), Zafar Iqbal, Ajitpal Singh, Sudarshan Pathak and Anupam Ghulati, refrained from drawing any conclusion and only presented facts in their report to HI. Indian hockey plunged into a deep crisis last Tuesday when a fringe player Ranjita, in a written complaint to HI, accused chief coach Kaushik of sexually harassing her. HI then sprung into action and formed a five-member committee to investigate the matter. Even though Kaushik tendered his resignation to HI president Vidya Stokes, which was accepted yesterday, he pleaded innocence and said the allegations were baseless and he was a victim of "big-time conspiracy". HI also sacked videographer Basavraj whose photographs with prostitutes in compromising situations during the recent Canada and China tour were also sent to the national body through e-mail.

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