US to vote against China-Pak nuclear deal at NSG

      The United States has said that it will vote against China's sale of nuclear reactors to Pakistan at the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) meeting. US Acting Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Non Proliferation, Vann Van Diepen, said this in response to a question during a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. When asked by Congressman Ed Royce whether the US would vote against the exemption for China, Van Diepen said: "Yes sir, by definition, we do not support any activity that goes against the guidelines". The 46-nation NSG is an international forum designed to limit sales of nuclear technology. Earlier, Van Diepen had said that based on the facts available to the US, the "sale would not be allowed to occur without an exemption of the NSG". He, however, added that while the US can vote against an exemption, it cannot stop China if it decides to sell the reactors to Pakistan without special permission from the NSG, the Nation reported. China has signed a 2.4 billion dollar agreement with Pakistan to supply two 340-megawatt reactors. China and Pakistan have repeatedly said that the nuclear cooperation is for peaceful purposes and in line with international obligations of both the countries.

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