Brutally attacked Indian student in Australia won’t be able to eat for five weeks

      Bharat Thapar, the 24-year-old Indian student who was brutally attacked in Australia, will not be able to eat for up to five weeks, as the violent confrontation left him with four fractures to his lower jaw. Thapar was beaten up by six unidentified assailants in South Oakleigh , Melbourne, on Monday night. He has been admitted to Monash Medical Centre. Thapar’s friend Sumeet Khanna said that the incident left Thapar with plates in his jaw and “bruises all over his body”. “He’s still in a bad way and will not be able to eat for up to five weeks,” The Age quoted Khanna, as saying. He also said that two of his friends had been driving through South Oakleigh , when they saw another Indian man being abused by a group. “Bharat went to his aid and he said that up to six of them had turned on him, beating him and abusing him, telling him to ‘leave this place’,” Khanna said. A Victoria Police spokesman said that they are looking into the incident. The attack follows a string of similar attacks against Indians in the country in the last 12 months.

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