Wheat grain worth millions perish due to official apathy in Haryana

      Over 300,000 tonnes of wheat grain lying in various warehouses in Haryana's Sirsa district has either been washed away or rotten due to administrative neglect after floods ravaged the area last week. The floodwater has spoiled heaps of bags containing wheat grain at a storehouse in Bani village, which were stacked in the open without any cover. Wheat grain worth millions of rupees has been ruined despite a flood warning. "The department officials are responsible for this as the villagers were aware that flood waters are going to seep in and they shifted with their belongings. Therefore even the officials should have shifted the wheat sacks to safer locations. The matter will be investigated and the officials guilty would be brought to book," said Pankaj Chowdhary, Additional Deputy Commissioner (ADC), Sirsa. The farmers allege that the management did not act promptly in the matter, which destroyed wheat grains worth almost 120 million rupees. "It has been a week since the canal was breached and everyone knew that the water would flow in here, yet they did not take any action," said Sandeep, a villager. Multiple breaches in the canals of the regional Ghaggar rivulet led to a severe flood situation in the district.

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