A third of women are now breadwinners: UK study

      A new UK study has revealed that almost a third of women in the workplace are earning more than their partners, which gives them the role of breadwinner role in house. The Women And Work Survey 2010 revealed that almost half of the 2,000 females questioned were either out-earning their partners (30 percent) or earning as much (19 percent) and one in 10 already had a househusband. The survey, commissioned by Grazia magazine, also found women did not wish to leave the world of work, with only 11 percent wanting to "stop work completely". One possible explanation given by the poll was that the recession hit male employment, shifting the burden of responsibility in relationships. Four out of 10 women thought that in future, the career of whoever was the 'highest earner' would take precedence, regardless of sex (42 percent), and a further 39 percent felt mothers and fathers would 'share the work and childcare load equally'. Despite the emergence of the so-called "Mrs Big", the survey identified she was now part of a "cross-over couple" where partners shared the load and were not bound by traditional ideas. "We're in the middle of a huge social shift. Women are increasingly earning as much or more than their partners and many of these women get a great amount out of their working lives," the Independent quoted Jane Bruton, editor of Grazia Magazine as saying. "For many of these high earners it makes more sense for their partners to take on a greater domestic role. Of course, there are going to be mixed feelings about this, but it is definitely something that is becoming more accepted," Bruton added.

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