Oz Indian restaurant owners deny curry war behind fire-bombings

     Two Sydney-based Indian restaurant owners have denied speculation of a curry war being the reason behind the fire-bombing of two food vans on Monday morning. 'Maya Da Dhaba' owner Ajay Raj, whose food vans on Cleveland Street were set on fire, said: "There are a lot of Indian restaurants co-existing along here, but we have nothing against anyone, and, they have nothing against us." 'Mehrey da Dhaba' owner Mehra Yogesh has also denied any feud. Surry Hills Police have said they are on the hunt for the arsonist who was behind the incident. They also said that CCTV footage showed a person approaching the vans seconds before they caught fire. Surry Hills Police said they believe the vans were deliberately set alight, and are now investigating whether the attack was racially motivated or an act of retaliation, following the July 5 firebombing of the Copper Tiffin restaurant. The Copper Tiffin and the Maya Da Dhaba restaurants are located side by side, and local residents claim there is competition between both outlets. "We're still in the early stages of the investigation, but it's a matter of course that we look at links between the two," The Daily Telegraph quoted Detective Inspector Leanne McCusker, as saying.

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