German 'Mujahideen villages' in Pakistan's tribal region

      A report in a weekly German magazine, Der Spiegel, has revealed shocking details regarding scores of German families moving to Pakistan's lawless tribal areas to take part in the 'jihad' against the foreign forces. According to the report, hundreds of Germans including women and children have shifted base to 'mujahideen villages' in the based in the tribal regions of Waziristan in order to lend support to the extremists against the US led international forces and the Afghan Army. According to German officials, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), which is the largest and most active Islamic group recruiting in Germany, is inciting anti-US feelings among the Germans and persuading them to join the fight against America. A latest IMU video shows a young German jihadist urging his people to join hands against the US. "Doesn't it appeal to you? We warmly invite you to join us!" the 30 minute video shows the jihadist, who calls himself Abu Adam, as saying. Adam belongs to the western German city of Bonn. The real worry is that the IMU is even recruiting women and children in its brigade. "Families are moving to 'mujahideen villages' in the Tribal Areas, which are used as bases for supporting the battle against the US troops and the Afghan army," the report added.

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