Hindus in Pak prepare for festive season

      With the beginning of the Indian festive season, Hindus in Pakistan have started preparations for the festivals of Navratri, Dushhera and Diwali, The Daily Times reports. "The nine nights are sanctified in the Hindu religion, during which Saraswati and Durga are worshipped," said Narain Maharaj, a Hindu cleric belonging to the Maheshwari Meghwar community. Maharaj, who lives in Lyari, said Hindus living in Sindh celebrate these festivals in their own style which is different from the way people in India celebrate these festivities. "46 days before Diwali, most Hindus celebrate Saraad by offering food to birds, especially crows, and they also distribute food among the children for the consecration of their departed loved ones. After 16 days of Saraad, Navratri is celebrated for nine days, which ends with the celebration of Dushhera on the tenth day. Diwali is celebrated 20 days after Dushhera," explained Narain.

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