Taliban publicly 'blow up' two alleged US spies in North Waziristan

      In yet another show of its 'barbaric' justice, the Taliban blew up two alleged US spies in a village near Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan. According to reports, the Taliban strapped explosives to two tribal men, who were accused of spying for the US , and blew them in full public view. "Taliban terrorists strapped explosive material to their bodies and blew them up publicly," a local administrative official in Miranshah said on conditions of anonymity. The Taliban has carried dozens of public executions of people accused of spying for foreign forces in the ungoverned tribal regions in Pakistan along the Afghanistan border. The Taliban follow the harsh brand of Islamic law called 'sharia'. The Taliban say that their version of Islam is a pure one that follows a literal interpretation of the Muslim holy book, The Koran. Under Taliban laws, murderers are publicly executed by the relatives of their victims. Adulterers are stoned to death and the limbs of thieves are amputated. Lesser crimes are punished by public beatings.

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