Musharraf's political ambitions look like remaining mere ambitions

      Former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf's dreams of staging a comeback in country's politics has failed to garner much support, with no well-known leader from any of the Pakistan Muslim League's (PML) factions joining his newly floated- the All Pakistan Muslim League (APML). According to well-placed sources, Musharraf has failed to win over important PML leaders, who met him in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the recent past. In what is being seen as a jolt to Musharraf's political ambitions, the general was advised by his political sympathisers to refrain from returning to Pakistan until he receives "positive signals" from within the country. According to sources close to Musharraf, his decision to name non-political people like Rashid Qureshi and Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif as leaders of his party has cost him dearly, The Dawn reports.

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