Times Square bomber talked of martyrdom, but couldn't walk the talk

      Failed Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad talked of martyrdom, but couldn't walk the talk. He turned out to be a wimp. According to ABC, in the 40-minute tape, made months before his failed bomb attack in New York, Shahzad talked boldly of his planned martyrdom. "This attack on the United States will be a revenge attack for all the mujahedeen who have been martyred," he said. But American law enforcement authorities say Shahzad "ran away" after parking his bomb-laden vehicle in a place where he thought hundreds of people would be killed or injured. He used a series of alarm clocks as timers to make sure he would be far away when the bomb went off, investigators say. An Al Arabiya producer said the tape was to be released after his death. Shahzad has pleaded guilty to charges connected to the failed bomb plot and appeared to be without remorse as he described his actions in federal court last month.

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