Al-Qaeda warns of more terror attacks on Saudi Arabia

      After a failed suicide bomb attack targeted Saudi Arabia's Deputy Interior Minister Mohammed bin Nayef last month, the Al-Qaeda has warned of more such attacks in that country. According to the US based monitoring group SITE, Al-Qaeda's Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) faction has released a new video threatening of more attacks inside Saudi Arabia. "If you can flee with your skin, then do so. By Allah, they will climb your walls and will come to you from where you do not expect," AQAP leader Abu Baseer al-Wuhayshi warned in the latest video. "Our heroes have woven their grave-clothes with your blood," Wuhayshi added. Deputy Interior Minister Mohammed bin Nayef had a miraculous escape in the August 27 terror attack in Jeddah. The video also contained the a telephonic conversation between the bomber and bin Nayef in which the bomber named Abdullah bin Hassan bin Taleh Assiri has expressed his desire to return to Saudi Arabia from Yemen, The News reports. "I would like to meet you to discuss the whole matter with you," Assiri told bin Nayef in the conversation which was broadcast by Al-Arabiya television channel. The suicide attack on bin Nayef was the first such assassination attempt by Al-Qaeda on the Saudi government since terrorists rammed a car loaded with explosives into the Interior Ministry in Riyadh in 2004.

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