9yr-old Karnataka boy sets world record 'limbo-skating' under cars while blindfolded!

     A 9-year-old boy from Belgaum, Karnataka, has set a new record by doing "limbo-skating" under cars while blindfolded. Rohan Ajit Kokane left onlookers shocked showing them his skilfulness at vanishing under three vehicles, before emerging triumphantly on the other side. The daring schoolboy is the first to attempt a record at limbo-skating while blindfolded. The World Records Academy has given him a certificate, and nominated his brave efforts for the Guinness book of world records. The bendy third grade student started limbo-skating two-and-a-half years ago, and trains for four hours every day. "I passed blindfolded under three cars but in future I would try to pass under more," the Sun quoted him as saying. Rohan revealed that he was first inspired by a boy skater at a local roller skating rink in Belgaum "I got fascinated and asked my dad to get me one roller skate because that's all we could afford," he said. He first developed his talent at home, and later took formal lessons from a skating coach. Suryakant Hindelgelkar, Rohan's trainer, says that he soon realised that his student had a special talent. He said: "I train more than 200 students but seeing Rohan's body flexibility and control, I knew he could do something unique. We came up with limbo-skating blindfolded. He is an amazing student. I think he's god's gift."

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