'Russian spy' Anna Chapman's marriage was a sham?

      Brit officials are investigating whether alleged Russian spy Anna Chapman's marriage to Alex Chapman was a sham. Officials are investigating to check whether Chapman's marriage was a fraud to get hold of a British citizenship, according to the Evening Standard newspaper. The 28-year-old, who got divorced in 2006, would need a visa to visit if her citizenship is cancelled. Chapman and the other Moscow moles were exchanged for four of Washington 's blown secret agents less than two weeks after they were rounded up by the feds and charged with being unregistered foreign agents, reports the New York Daily News. She was reported to be Anya Kushchenko, the daughter of Vasily Kushchenko, a diplomat and apparent KGB agent who worked in Russian embassies in Africa . When Chapman came under media spotlight, her husband released some distasteful pictures of her, claiming that she indeed was a Russian spy. Her lawyer, Robert Baum, said she might sue Alex Chapman and will try to restart the online real estate business she was running in New York before she was busted.

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