Sri Lankan Tamil situation getting worse: D Raja

     Communist Party of India (CPI) leader D. Raja on Wednesday claimed that Sri Lankan Tamils were living a life full of misery. Talking to reporters after meeting with a Tamil delegation from Sri Lanka here, Raja said:"What I understood from my talks with them, the situation continues to be worse and Tamil people in Sri Lanka are undergoing very unimaginable miseries and sufferings. "Whether they are in military camps or whether they are in transit camps, the situation is very bad, worse, and there is no political solution coming forward," he added. Raja urged the Indian government to pressurize the Sri Lankan government to take appropriate steps to rehabilitate the Tamils. "I demand that government of India should recast its policies towards Sri Lanka. Government of India should pressurize the Sri Lankan government for an yearly political solution to the Sri Lankan Tamils and this issue will be raised in the Parliament when Parliament meets for the Monsoon session," said Raja. Some 260,000 Tamil refugees who fled fighting in the waning months of the war are now being held in military-run camps in Sri Lanka.

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