Russian spies currently in US exceed Cold War record

     America is infested with more Russian spies than at any point in history, former intelligence agents have claimed. "I would say there are a few thousand here," the New York Post quoted Boris Korczak, a former double agent who worked for the CIA, spying on the KGB from 1973-1980, as saying. "Out of 1,000 spies, one or two will perform, will get access to our nuclear secrets," he added. "The current atmosphere in the US is that we're having a love affair with Russia, that the Cold War is over, but there are more Russian spies here now than during the Cold War," said Eugene Poteat, a retired senior CIA operative who served from 1960-1990. 11 Russian spies were arrested on June 29 in the United States. Among them was 28-year-old Anna Chapman, daughter of a top Russian envoy. The paper stated that she was likely schooled by the SVR, Russia's post-KGB intelligence agency, in the art of seduction. During the Cold War, "the Soviet Union had a number of schools that trained beautiful women how to lure and satisfy powerful, rich, American men, sexually and intellectually, they're called 'worm-on-a-hook' agents, " Korczak added. He also claimed that some of these schools are located in small towns in the southern part of the country. None appear on a map and they are exact replicas of American suburbs such as Chevy Chase, Md. just outside Washington, where the bulk of KGB agents were deployed during Second World War. Both the experts believe that the Russians are primarily after US technology. "Their own is not much better than it was during the Cold War and they had to get a permit if you wanted to buy a computer or a telephone," Poteat said. For this reason, Russian spies are also heavily deployed in Japan -Technology, technology, technology," Korczak added. According to the paper, the experts believe that Britain, France, Poland and Israel are other high priorities, and the Russians are most interested in American policy towards Iran and Israel. They also want America 'to break up into three different countries, to stop existing as a superpower'.

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