India's dabbawallahs planning to increase service charges by Rs 50

     After facing a substantial dip in profits due to escalating costs of vegetables, dairy products and transportation, the dabbawallahs of Mumbai are contemplated a hike in service charges. "The prices of essential commodities have increased significantly, this is why we have decided to hike our rates by Rs 50, so that we can also afford basic things. We appeal to the consumers to comply with our demand," said Ashok Bandora, a dabbawallah. However, the decision has come as a shock to tiffin service subscribers, who are already bearing brunt of the inflationary trend. Shantilal Sarvaiyya, who is into the garment business cannot stop raving about their excellent service, he maintains that the hike in tiffin rates is not in proportion with the budgets of the common man. The 'Forbes' magazine has given the dabbawallah syndicate a Six Sigma performance rating or a 99.99999 percent of precision, which means they have only one error in six million deliveries due to their innovative coding system. Mumbai city has one of the oldest and biggest meals-on-wheels systems in the world dating back to 1850.

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