T-3 Terminal exemplifies India's resolve to bridge infrastructuredeficit: Manmohan Singh

     The Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, on Saturday said the success of the integrated T-3 Terminal of the Indira Gandhi International Airport proves the success of the Public Private Partnership model in execution of large infrastructure projects, asserting that the new terminal exemplifies India's resolve to bridge fast enough the infrastructure deficit in our country. "Today is a very special occasion for our country. We are all very happy and indeed very proud of the completion of our one of the world's largest airport terminals in a record time of 37 months," said Dr Singh. "This airport terminal establishes new global bench marks. It also exemplifies our country's resolve to bridge and bridge fast enough the infrastructure deficit in our country," he added. The Prime Minister said the project proves India 's capacity to coordinate across agencies and governments and work as a united team. "This project gives us yet another reason for satisfaction. It proves our capacity to coordinate across agencies and governments and work as a united team. I am told that over 58 departments of government were involved in the construction of this terminal, apart from other stakeholders such as ground handling agencies and airlines," said Dr Singh. Dr Singh further said the aviation sector is vital to India 's sustained economic growth and plays a major role in generating tourist flow, accelerating industrial development, creating new jobs and integrating our country. "In a span of a few years, India has become the 9th largest aviation market in the world. We now have 10 scheduled airlines operating in our country, compared to 2 in 1990. In the same period, the scheduled aircraft deployed by the Indian carriers has gone up four times, from 100 to about 400," said Dr Singh. "Our government had launched a modernization and capacity expansion programme for major airports some years back. The commissioning of this terminal will be a significant step forward in developing Delhi as a vital hub. It will encourage feeder traffic from the non-metro airports being developed by the Airports Authority of India," he added. Dr Singh inaugurated the terminal earlier today in the presence of National Advisory Council Chairperson Sonia Gandhi and Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel. The swank new terminal, the most modern and 5th largest airport in the world, can cater to 34 million passengers annually. The current international terminal can handle around 10 million passengers. It also promises to redefine air travel in India and boasts of in-line baggage handling system with capacity to handle 12,800 bags per hour with 6.4 kilometres of conveyor belts. The actual operations for international services commence on July 16.

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