Foreigners raise awareness about discrimination against girl child in Tamil Nadu

     Activists from Germany, Italy, United States, Holland and Switzerland took part in a rally in Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore city on Thursday to raise awareness about discrimination against the girl child. The activists took to the streets along with the school children holding placards with anti-abortion messages, thereby encouraging the people to have a girl child. The foreign activists said though the menace is not unique to India, but here the women are forced for that. "We have taken to the streets to encourage people to have girl child, give them life, let them live, don't kill them, they are the next generation," said P. P. Job, organizer of the rally. Cindy Collins, an anti abortion campaigner from the US said the Indian women are being forced to have abortion by their husbands, by their mother-in laws specially if they have a girl child. "We want to end discrimination of the girl child and let girl child live," he added.

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