BJP activists protest against fuel prices hike in Mumbai

      Activists of the Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) protested against the Union Government's decision to hike fuel prices here on Saturday. The activists shouted slogans against the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Government and burnt effigies. BJP leader Smriti Irani, who is also the President of BJP's women's wing, said that the rising inflation proved that the UPA government's claim of being 'pro-poor' was actually a farce. "Government has pick pocketed the general public. As you are watching in whole nation public is agitating and public is coming on streets to show their discontent," Irani said. "The nation where government figure says that more than 60 percent of population earns less than 20 rupees per day so think in this inflation what will the general public do?" she added. BJP leader Gopinath Munde also lashed out at the ruling UPA government, saying that the decision to hike petroleum product prices was an anti-people decision. "We will fight for the public and we will compel the government to take back its decision for general public," Munde said. Earlier on Friday, the Union Government decided to raise petrol and diesel prices, as part of a plan to move towards a market-determined fuel price regime in accordance with the Kirit Parikh Committee recommendation. The government has raised the price of petrol by rupees 3.73 per litre, while it is rupees two for diesel.

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