US to deliver first three of 18 F-16s to Pak

     The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) would receive the first three of the 18 F-16 fighter jets from the US today (Saturday). Three F-16s are scheduled to arrive at Shahbaz Airbase, with 15 more to be delivered later this and next year, said US Air Force Major Todd Robbins, the Pakistan country Director in the US office of the Under Secretary of the Air Force for international affairs. "The 18 being sold to Pakistan are the Block 52 versions of the aircraft, which will give Pakistan new capabilities, including day-night, all-weather and precision-attack capabilities," The News quoted Robins, as saying. Robbins underlined that the delivery of the advance jets would greatly enhance the PAF's ability to strike terrorists with precision and minimum of collateral damage. "This will enable them to strike terrorists within their borders while helping them to avoid collateral damage. It's an increase in capabilities that are beneficial to us all," he said. The delivery of the fighter jets is being made under a 1.4 billion dollar deal between Islamabad and Washington. Pakistan is also paying an additional 1.3 billion dollars for the upgradation of its existing F-16 fleet.

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