Canadian police arrest man with crossbow, other dangerous items near G-20 site

      A day ahead of the start of the G-20 summit, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police has arrested a man for carrying a crossbow and other dangerous items in his car in downtown Toronto. Gary McCullough, 53, has been charged with one count of carrying dangerous weapons and he'll appear in court on Friday (Canadian time) at 2 p.m. McCullough was arrested after a car containing a cache of equipment in a makeshift storage container, including a crossbow and chainsaw, was stopped near the G-20 security zone in Toronto . . Police said some weapons were visible when they looked in the car, and they eventually removed a crossbow, five arrows, a sledgehammer, a pickaxe, a chainsaw, and a baseball bat, The Globe and Mail reports. A gasoline canister, cola bottle and water container were tested by the hazardous materials team, but the substances inside were deemed harmless. A scruffy white dog was also in the car at the time of the arrest. At the scene, Constable Hugh Smith of Toronto Police Services said the driver appeared disoriented when answering police questions. He was pulled over when he drove into the area because of the appearance of his vehicle. Constable April Dequanne said the 53-year-old man's arrest "was not believed to be" related to the upcoming summit, but the investigation would continue.

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