Washington jailer suspended for posing nude as Playboy's Cybergirl

      A jailer in the US has been suspended from her job after she posed nude for Playboy.com as their Cybergirl of the week. Jessie Lunderby, 21, who works at the Washington County Sheriff's Office, has been suspended pending the outcome of an investigation, and she could end up facing a range of punishments, even dismissal. According to KFSM, Sheriff Tim Helder of the Washington County Sheriff's Office in Arkansas said the investigation has been launched because it appears Lunderby violated several ethics policies. "It just beams directly back to this organization and does it represent what we stand for which is to protect and serve the community, is that how we want to be represented," CBS News quoted Helder as saying. But Lunderby on the other hand is "disgusted" with the way the situation is being handled and claims she told her supervisor about the spread weeks ahead of time. "They knew about it, I informed them about it. I had plenty of time to say 'No, it can't come out. No, I don't want it to be out.' They never said no," Lunderby revealed. Lunderby has hired an attorney and said she could possibly pursue legal action, not just for the Playboy issue but another separate issue from the past that also has her concerned. The investigation is set to conclude on June 29, and Lunderby fears she will most likely be fired for her photo shoot.

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